Climate Change

Climate change is one of the world’s great problems. The survival of life on earth is at stake. It is essential to stop the accelerated global warming.
This means that energy worldwide must become carbon neutral: putting less CO2 into the air and removing more, leading to zero net emissions.

This is where it gets complicated, because thousands of charities are working to improve the climate, for example by combating deforestation, promoting vegetarian food, urging governments to implement better climate policies.

You probably don’t have enough money to support every cause, so you have to choose. But which goal is the most effective? This is where effective altruism can help to figure out how to use limited resources (in this case donations) most effectively.

International organizations such as Founders Pledge (see also Network for more information), Let’s Fund and Giving Green research the best organizations for preventing or slowing down climate change. We are glad to make use of their recommendations.

In their most recent climate report (see here) Founders Pledge outlines a threefold interrelated challenge:

Climate changeRapid warming threatens the survival of life on earth
Air pollutionCauses 5 million deaths annually (almost 9% of the total)
Energy scarcity940 million people have no electricity and use dirty fuels

The best climate charities

This overview provides brief information about each charity, its website, and who recommends it. In the last column, above the Donate button, are the ANBI/RSIN numbers and relevant details for tax relief. More information about donating can be found here.

LogoInformationRecommendationANBI / RSIN
The Climate Change Fund This fund is committed to finding and funding sustainable solutions to the emissions crisis that still allow growth, freeing millions from the prison of energy poverty. See the prospectus 825776867


Clean Air Task Force – an NGO fighting air pollution from coal-fired power plants since 1996, and regulating diesel, shipping and methane emissions. A $100 donation saves an estimated 100 tons of CO2.FP Reports [Founders Pledge]826262429

Coalition for Rainforest Nations (CFRN) is an organization of 50 rainforest countries that assists tropical governments, communities and peoples to manage their rainforests responsibly. This coalition created the REDD+scheme (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) which has already saved 8,628,471,593 tons of CO2 equivalent.826187316

ITIF Information Technology & Innovation Foundation
ITIF’s Clean Energy Innovation Policy Program seeks to accelerate the transition of domestic and global energy systems to low-carbon resources.
Let’s Fund and Giving GreenNo ANBI


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