About us

About us

Donate Effectively

The researching and comparing of charities is integral to the philosophy of effective altruism (EA). This global movement investigates how best to use limited resources, such as your donations,  to do as much good as possible. Organizations such as GiveWell, ACE and Founders Pledge use scientific methods to evaluate which charities are the most cost-effective. Their recommendations can help donors give as effectively as possible.

Effective altruism is a relatively young movement that is slowly growing, and is not yet well known to donors, fundraisers, lottery organizers, lawyers and notaries. For this reason, we decided to create a guide, a signpost to the best and most effective altruistic causes to donate to, during one’s lifetime or in one’s will.

Our mission is to make it easy to donate to global effective organizations from within the Netherlands. Doneer Effectief is our first step. With the information on this website we hope to encourage more people to donate to the most effective charities. Our goal is for people to think as much about their donations as they do about their other spending.

Who are we?

We are a small, enthusiastic team of professionals from different backgrounds. We are motivated by the importance and potential of effective donations. We do this on a voluntary basis – this website does not receive payments from organizations that we list.

We are a learning community; we research everything as best we can. But of course we don’t know everything. We would like to learn from visitors to the website who have knowledge of these subjects.  We are open to advice, feedback, support and collaboration.

The impact of this website is important to us. We would therefore like to hear whether our information influences your donating or not. And for what reasons? We would also like to hear suggestions for further development of this initiative. All this can be done by e-mail to contact@doneereffectief.nl

Our Team

Andrea de Wildt

Andrea de Wildt

Initiator – overall responsibility

Dave Sanders

Webdesign – webmaster

Daan de Jong

Daan de Jong

Process quality – helpdesk

Lotte de Lint

Research and Development

Jan Commissaris

Jan Commissaris

Ethics – policy