About us

At Doneer Effectief we want to support the most effective interventions and the best charities in the world. We can direct your donation to places where it can have multiple times the impact of an average charity with the same amount of money. 

That is why we do what we do. We invite you to donate with us to the best charities.

Why we do what we do

Every day, thousands of children die as a result of extreme poverty. Climate change continues unrelentingly and more than 60 billion animals live and die each year in horrific conditions in the livestock industry. We do not want to live in such a world – and we do not have to. It is not only about winning this battle, but also about doing so as quickly as possible. Every extra day it takes to reach our goal, thousands of children and millions of animals suffer and die unnecessarily and global temperatures continue to rise.

International cooperation rafiki

Wij willen de meest effectieve benaderingen en de beste goede doelen ter wereld ondersteunen

That is why we at Doneer Effectief support the most effective interventions and the top charities in the world. Their impact with every euro donation is multiple times that of an average charity. Our selection of top charities is based on scientific research and extensive evaluation. We want to find and support the best aid organisations because we believe that every life counts and that safeguarding the future of our planet is of deep importance. That is why we do what we do. We invite you to join us in our mission by donating to the most effective charities.

Daarom doen we wat we doen. En nodigen we je uit om samen met ons te doneren aan de beste goede doelen.

What sets us apart?

  • Helping to solve major world problems.
  • Donating to the most effective charities worldwide
  • Supporting charities based on scientific research
  • The donated amount goes entirely to the chosen charity
  • Free and independent advice from our helpdesk.

Donate easily with your Dutch or Belgian bank account

Our results

Year Quarter


Number of donations



The above results include all donations raised for the most effective charities worldwide. We also receive donations and grants specific to our operation. We keep these cash flows strictly separate. More information about the donations and grants for our foundation and how they are spent can be found in our annual report. We will publish this soon, and can then be found here.

Who we are

Doneer Effectief started as a group of volunteers with different backgrounds and skills. We invested a lot of time into building our organisation alongside work, study and other commitments. We are inspired by the philosophy of effective altruism which guides our decisions.

Learning community

We are a learning community that tries to figure everything out as best we can. However, we certainly don’t know everything. We are eager to learn from our engaged and knowledgeable website visitors. Please don’t hesitate to give us some feedback or advice. We are always open to support and collaboration.

Effective Altruïsm

We are inspired by the ideas of Effective Altruism and use it to shape our decisions as best we can. We donate as much time and money that we can spare without it detrimentally affecting ourselves or our loved ones. Thanks to a grand from the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA), we were able to appoint our director Bram Schaper.


We are a non-profit foundation. Our principle is that donations go entirely to the chosen cause. In this way, as a donor you can be assured that we don’t use your money for anything else. We fund our operational costs with specific grants and donations intended for the foundation itself. This is how we ensure that donating to effective charities becomes easier, widely known, easier, and above all, more commonplace

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Our ambassadors

Read why our ambassadors think effective donation is important and support it here.

We are an impact multiplier

Many organisations inspired by effective altruism forward donations in full (minus transaction costs) to the chosen charity and provide free help and advice. As a non- profit foundation, we make the same choice.
To cover the costs of our work, we must therefore find other, preferably structural sources of income. Such contributions have a compounding effect: the output exceeds the input many times over.
This makes Doneer Effectief an Impact Multiplier.

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Stichting Effectief Doneren

On 24 February 2022 we established our foundation – Stichting Effectief Doneren. As of that date we have been designated as a public benefit institution (ANBI)1. Thanks to a donation from the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA), we have been able to further expand and professionalise our work. An important step was the appointment of our full-time director Bram Schaper.

As a foundation, we can do more than just inform you as a donor about the best charities –  we can also enable you to easily donate to them. Please note: Our ANBI status entails the obligation that our foundation selects the charities and determines the final allocation of donations.

Our board
Andrea de Wildt, Chair
Eva de Groot, Secretary
Thijs Jan Noomen, Treasurer

Office address
Van Diemenstraat 200 – Office 92

KVK-number: 85603295
ANBI/RSIN: 8636 80 252
Bank account: IBAN NL93 TRIO 0320 4478 55 named Stichting Effectief Doneren.

Onze partners

Effectief Altruïsme Nederland is part of the global effective altruism movement.

The Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA) exists to support and grow the effective altruism movement.

The Ten Percent Club is a community of people who want to get better at donating effectively.

Giving What We Can is an organisation of effective givers. They provide support, information and community to enable their members to do as much good as possible with their donations.

Our European colleagues

Several other European countries are host to organisations like us which promote and facilitate donations to effective charities. Our shared vision has led to the beginnings of collaboration. We’d like to extend our gratitude in particular to our German colleague Sebastian Schwiecker from Effectiv Spenden for his support. We have benefited greatly and gratefully from his experience and materials.

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