Doneer Effectief: Impact Multiplier

Our organisation began as a project of Effectief Altruïsme Nederland (EAN) at the beginning of 2020.

In the space of two years, thanks to our advice, more than one million euro has been donated to effective charities. We know this based on data provided by the recipient charities. The information on our website and the advice from our helpdesk made this achievement possible. We are a multiplier: your donation to us generates multiple donations from others. Our work leads to many more people donating to the effective charities we have selected.

We have achieved this milestone of over one million euro in donations with minimal operating costs and the work of volunteers. Now we are aiming to further expand our work, to professionalise our services and spread the word. This all costs money. Thanks to our status as a multiplier, we have already received starting capital from the Infrastructure Fund of the Centre for Effective Altruïsm. However, that is not enough. Donations directly to our foundation are also needed and very much appreciated. They yield multiple donations to good causes.


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