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Doneer Effectief offers three funds: Poverty and Health Fund, Climate Fund and Animal Welfare and Food Transition Fund. If you donate to one of these funds, we will combine your gift with gifts from other donors who have donated to the same fund. Each quarter, we determine which top charity can use the money most effectively at that time. We are advised by experts from the independent evaluators we work with.

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We look for the optimal donation for you

We treat your gift as if it were an investment – we periodically look at where you can get the most return. We “invest” your money in charities instead of shares and your return is high-impact instead of dividends. We decide where to direct your donation based on where it can do the most immediate good in the current situation. We rely on the advice of experts from the evaluation organisations to do this most effectively.

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You donate money to a Doneer Effectief fund

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Experts determine the most effective organisations at the current moment

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100% of the money is distributed to the top charities at that time

Benefits of donating to a Donate Effective Fund

The donations from the fund can adapt with changing circumstances. This is especially important for periodic donations over several years or for inheritances. As time passes there may be other charities that deserve preference based on our selection criteria. It is possible that a charity to whom you first made a donation may no longer be able to put further donations to the same use. In these cases, other charities will move to the top of the ranking. With the fund, you can be confident that you are always donating to the best and most effective charity within your preferred field of interest.

Donations are passed on in full

100% of all donations are passed directly to the charity (note: minus transaction costs; we don’t earn anything from this). This applies both to direct donations and to donations via a Doneer Effectief fund. To keep transaction costs as low as possible, we also pass on donations via a fund directly to the charity. The charity evaluation organisation is not an intermediary in the transaction. We do, however, report our action to the evaluators so that they can take into account what we have donated to top charities in their records.

Doneer Effectief Funds


Doneer Effectief Fund: Poverty and Health

This fund follows the recommendations of experts who manage GiveWell’s Top Charities Fund.

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Top aanbeveling voor Poverty & Health.


Doneer Effectief Fund: Climate

This fund follows recommendations from experts at Founders Pledge.

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Top aanbeveling voor Climate.


Doneer Effectief Fund: Animal welfare & food transition

This fund follows recommendations from experts at Animal Charity Evaluators.

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Top aanbeveling voor Animal welfare & Food transition.

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