Information for notaries

If you are a notary not yet familiar with the work of our Foundation, you can find the information that may be of interest to you when making a will on this page.

Name and establishment of foundation

On February 24, 2022, the Stichting Effectief Doneren, based in Amsterdam, was established. As of that date it has been designated as an Institution for General Benefit (ANBI).

Short description objective:

With Stichting Effectief Doneren, or “Doneer Effectief” for short, we want to help in solving major world problems. To this end, we support the most effective interventions and the best charities worldwide. The charities we support can achieve significantly more impact than a regular charity with the same monetary donation. 

Our selection of these top organizations is based on scientific research and extensive, independent evaluations. We strive to select the best aid organizations to support because we firmly believe that every life counts and safeguarding the future of the planet is very close to our hearts.

The Doneer Effectief Funds

Legacies and inheritances received by the foundation for charitable purposes are distributed among three focus areas, our Doneer Effectief Funds for Poverty & Health, Climate and Animal Welfare & the Food Transition. We merge money acquired for one of these funds with gifts from other donors who support the same fund. Each quarter we determine which top organizations can use the money most effectively at that moment. In doing so, we take advice from experts from the independent evaluators we work with. We always pass on 100% of the amounts received to the charities.

The advantage of our funds is that they can adapt to changing circumstances. This is especially vital in the case of inheritances. After some time, different charities may achieve higher effectiviness within a problem area. Or a chosen charity may no longer be able to use further donations effectively. Through a fund, 100% of the money always goes to cause that is most effective at the time the inheritance is passed on. A testator can indicate a preference for one or multiple funds. In the case no preference has been indicated, we will divide the inheritance equally over the three funds.

We never use our fund donations to cover our foundation’s operating expenses. The costs for our foundation are covered by grants and gifts that are explicitly intended for our work. Hence, it is also possible to designate (a percentage of) an inheritance to the operation of Doneer Effectief.


Our statutes

Chamber of Commerce number: 85603295 in the name of Stichting Effectief Doneren

General terms and conditions – Doneer Effectief

Our policy plan

ANBI/RSIN: 8636 80 252

Bank account: IBAN NL93 TRIO 0320 4478 55 in the name of Stichting Effectief Doneren.

Foundation Board
Andrea de Wildt, chairman
Eva de Groot, secretary
Thijs Jan Noomen, treasurer
Joost Thus, board member

Office address
Van Diemenstraat 92

Need more information?

For further information or consultation, please contact Andrea de Wildt, chair of the board at Stichting Effectief Doneren, available at, or Bram Schaper, executive director, available at

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Andrea de Wildt

Founder and chair of the board

If you have a question as a notary about our Foundation, about bequeathing to our funds or effective charities, I would be happy to assist you.

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