Large gifts

What is a Large Gift?

There is no fixed definition for the size of a large gift. At Doneer Effectief, donations of more than €10,000.- are considered large gifts.

Large donations are very welcome and appreciated. They can make a substantial difference to a pressing problem. They could save more human or animal lives, help the food transition or slow down further climate disruption. Often, a large gift has to do with a special event. It can also be a nice way of letting the world share in one’s own prosperity. Here are some examples:


Winning the lottery, selling a house, receiving inheritance or a hefty tax refund are examples where you may suddenly receive money you had not anticipated. The amounts involved are often considerable. It is then all the more important to be well-informed and intentional before proceeding. 

It is also possible that you have already thought about your estate and decide to give away some of your assets while you are still alive.

Family funds

Deciding together that you want to put part of the family capital each year to help solve major problems in the world. It can be a wonderful way to strengthen the bond within a family over the years. This can help keep family values such as altruism alive between generations.

Companies and corporate funds

If your company is doing well, or if you have sold the company, you have a large capital at your disposal. Or perhaps you have reached a special milestone, such as an opening, acquisition or anniversary. You can then choose to use a large donation to shape a better world, or you can use a company fund that makes annual donations to good causes. It is important to do this effectively, so that your large donation results in a high social return.


In a personal meeting with major donors, we explore the cause area they would like to support with their donation and advise them on how to do so most effectively. The preference may lie with one or more of our donation areas: poverty/health, climate or animal welfare/food transition. Advice can be given on the method of donation (one-off or periodic), the possibilities of benefiting from tax deductions and the method of payment.

If necessary, we can put donors in touch with experts who can provide tailor-made solutions.

Point of contact: Bram Schaper, directeur Doneer Effectief,

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