Large gifts

Large Gift?

Family funds, equity funds, corporate funds and charities can make a substantial impact on a social cause by contributing a large gift. All the more reason to carefully consider this decision using both your head and your heart.

Maximising the impact of donations

It can be challenging to choose between social causes and to prioritise the charities we wish to support. We find ourselves asking the questions: which organisations make the most social impact? Which criteria are most critical in evaluating effectiveness in the selection process? How do we make these choices with limited time and resources while still maximising the impact of our donations? These are the sorts of questions Doneer Effectief can help you think about.

Our advice

We can provide general advice to wealthy individuals or funds in the position to give a large gift. Additionally, we can provide specialised advice on our donation areas; Poverty and Health, Climate, and Animal Welfare & the Food Transition. Where useful, we can also call on our broad, international network of experts in the field of philanthropy and other subject-matter experts. The advice we provide is independent and free. For more information, please contact Annemiek Bosboom, Major Donors advisor, at

Annemiek Bosboom

Philanthropy advisor

As a philanthropy advisor, I am happy to work with you to maximize the impact of your donations. From a one-time phone conversation to a substantive learning trajectory; we tailor my involvement in your donation decisions to your situation, values and needs.

Let us help you get started

We are committed to making donating effectively as easy as possible for you. You are welcome to ask us any questions you may have.
Our service is completely free.

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