Founders Pledge

Founders Pledge is a global community of entrepreneurs. Together they find and finance solutions for the most urgent problems in the world. The members make a promise (The Pledge) to make a certain percentage of the released funds from their company available for this purpose.

Founders Pledge supports them in making the best choices through extensive research and advice, and through access to a global network of experts. The principles of effective altruism are at the forefront of their choices and advice.

Pioneering research has been their focus in recent years. This has resulted in valuable reports and recommendations – their latest climate report is an example of this1. We at Doneer Effectief are grateful to make use of this research in our charity recommendations. In 2020, Founders Pledge established The Climate Change Fund in order to support the most effective climate organisations2.

Our top recommended climate-focused charities has been rated the very best by Founders Pledge.

The Doneer Effectief Climate Fund follows the recommendations of Founders Pledge in choosing which organisations to forward incoming donations to.   

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