There are countless charities asking for our help both locally and internationally. In the wake of major global disasters even more organizations make strong appeals for our donations and generosity. Doneer Effectief considers a different approach towards charitable giving. We do this for three reasons:

  1. Prevention is better than cure. This also applies to disasters and climate damage.
  2. You can achieve much more elsewhere in the world than you can locally or nationally with the same monetary donation.
  3. Choices should be based on scientific research, not on marketing.
Global problems

Demonstrably help to solve major global problems.


Donate to the most effective charities worldwide.

No deductions

The amount donated goes to the chose charity in its entirety.

Scientific basis

Support charities that have been assessed based on scientific research by reputable research institutions.

Free advice

We provide independent and tailored advice through our helpdesk.


Read more about effective donating

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