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Should I really fly less to fight climate change? | Prof. Paul Smeets

Goed doel Wetlands International voor Climate Classic 2024

Brief introduction in Effective Giving – Presentation at ASML – 2023-12-06

Hoogtepunten bekendmaking ‘s werelds beste goede doelen voor je decemberdonatie 2023

NOS Met het Oog op Morgen: Armoede stijgt wereldwijd (met Prof Paul Smeets)

Three biases in charitable giving

Dit is de dag: Limiet aan rijkdom

Je geld of je leven: Wat doet Giro555 met jouw gedoneerde euro?

Je geld of je leven: Hoe doneer ik het meest effectief aan goede doelen?

EenVandaag – Hebben we in tijden van hoge inflatie nog wel geld voor goede doelen

A Christmas Message from Prof. Paul Smeets


“It was like a revolution was happening in my mind. I knew I needed to do something.”

When Jeroen Melman went on a weekend away together with his wife Maddy and some friends at the end of 2022, he could not have imagined that it would turn out to be a turning point in his life. It all began with a podcast*, he says: “The previous day I had listened to a […]

Dave en Marieke

“We want to teach our children how to manage their money well, even if they have plenty of it.”

About seven years ago, Dave Sanders (47) founded his company that helps large companies manage their sales data. Quite quickly, the venture proved successful. Dave says – “Naturally that was fantastic news and very satisfying on the financial side. At the same time, I was looking to make a broader impact. My data and reporting […]

Foto Stijn Bruers

Nuclear power as a solution to Climate Pessimism

I often admire researchers that think many steps ahead of your average altruist. A good example of this is the interview with Johannes Ackva on the 80,000 Hours podcast. Ackva is climate research director at Founders Pledge, a renowned research institution that conducts independent research on the most effective measures to combat climate change. In […]

“You exist not just for yourself, but also for others”

This is something Clementine Gelauff (73) has known for years. After her death, a sizable portion of her estate will go to charity. “Something I kept running into when I started working on my will – I’ve had one drawn up twice before – is that you have to record which exact organizations you want […]

Learning from Islam

Rahim responded to an article I wrote about the Zuidas: ‘Where money meets guilt’. He asks if I am familiar with “the zakat”. No, I’m not. In fact, I don’t know Rahim either. My curiosity is piqued nonetheless and so I suggest we meet. We soon met at the El Feth Mosque, Bergen on Zoom. […]

Tackling agribusiness effectively

“The farmer is trapped in our food and agricultural system,” said Professor Jan Willem Erisman. That captivity is “encouraged” by a consortium of companies backing it. Their revenue model is that if the farmer produces more, they earn more. More than a million viewers of Lubach’s evening segment heard him express this sentiment during a […]

The Zuidas: Where guilt and money meet

These days I find myself at the Zuidas for an appointment about twice a week. I don’t think this is coincidental. This week I see another typical scene – two ambitious thirty-somethings sit across from me. One studied psychology, the other commercial economics. Both are naturally drawn to the Zuidas, “because that’s where the towering […]

The challenge of effective giving for disaster relief

The challenge of effective giving for disaster relief A man holding the hand of his infant daughter, buried in rubble, for hours. Who hasn’t seen this infamous image. The symbol of a disaster so great it is beyond my imagination. At our help desk, someone asks the important question: what emergency aid can I provide […]

Bram Schaper

Meet Bram Schaper, one of the most inspiring people I’ve met in a long time

Occasionally you come across people in life that just put a smile on your face. This happened to me a few months ago when I first met Bram Schaper. Even as a young boy, Bram was crazy about trains. His biggest dream was to become a train driver. When Bram went to college after high […]

What I secretly eat as a vegan

It must have been about six years ago that I made the switch from a vegetarian to a vegan (all plant-based) diet. My goals were: to eat (even) healthier, reduce my environmental impact and reduce animal suffering. As for the latter, my dietary adjustment probably caused more suffering than it prevented(!) I read “Toward a […]

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