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Dit is de dag: Limiet aan rijkdom

Je geld of je leven: Wat doet Giro555 met jouw gedoneerde euro?

Je geld of je leven: Hoe doneer ik het meest effectief aan goede doelen?

EenVandaag – Hebben we in tijden van hoge inflatie nog wel geld voor goede doelen

A Christmas Message from Prof. Paul Smeets


“You exist not just for yourself, but also for others”

This is something Clementine Gelauff (73) has known for years. After her death, a sizable portion of her estate will go to charity. “Something I kept running into when I started working on my will – I’ve had one drawn up twice before – is that you have to record which exact organizations you want […]

The Zuidas: Where guilt and money meet

These days I find myself at the Zuidas for an appointment about twice a week. I don’t think this is coincidental. This week I see another typical scene – two ambitious thirty-somethings sit across from me. One studied psychology, the other commercial economics. Both are naturally drawn to the Zuidas, “because that’s where the towering […]

Meet Bram Schaper, one of the most inspiring people I’ve met in a long time

Occasionally you come across people in life that just put a smile on your face. This happened to me a few months ago when I first met Bram Schaper. Even as a young boy, Bram was crazy about trains. His biggest dream was to become a train driver. When Bram went to college after high […]

What I secretly eat as a vegan

It must have been about six years ago that I made the switch from a vegetarian to a vegan (all plant-based) diet. My goals were: to eat (even) healthier, reduce my environmental impact and reduce animal suffering. As for the latter, my dietary adjustment probably caused more suffering than it prevented(!) I read “Toward a […]

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