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Who is this site for?

Doneer Effectief guides you to the most effective organisations to donate to. We offer a helping hand to people who want to use their head to give from their heart.
This is a non-profit initiative linked to Effective Altruism Netherlands.

Almost any day you see advertisements for good causes. They tell you what your money will be used for – often for aims that no one can object to: saving children, helping in disasters, rescuing animals, developing medicines. The images and stories are emotive; they urge you to give from your heart. But as a donor do you choose the most effective organisation?

The most impact

There are all sorts of quality marks and standards for charities. These are supposed to persuade us of their worthy aims, their transparency, or the modest salary of the director.
But we hear little of the actual results, short term or long term. What exactly did my donations achieve? Which organisation has the most impact?
In the billion-dollar business of charities, there is still too little objective measurement of their effectiveness, let alone comparisons between them.

Independent organisations such as GiveWell and Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) do just that.
They use scientific methods to determine which organisations achieve the best results at the lowest cost.
Some are up to 100 times more effective than others working on the same issues.
Armed with this information, you can easily tell where your money can make the biggest difference.

Four areas of focus

We have divided the organisations which are recommended as the best into four distinct areas. These areas overlap however: climate policy for example also has an impact on health and poverty worldwide. In spite of this we have created a separate list of charities for each area. In this way you can immediately find the organisations that matter most to you.

Organisations that do not carry out their own work but support others can be found on the Network page.  

Health and poverty

Contribute to improving public health and reducing poverty.                                                                       

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Animal welfare and food

Use your donation to reduce the suffering of billions of animals in the livestock industry and build a sustainable food industry.

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Climate change

Contribute to solutions for the climate change crisis.

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Future of the world

Make a donation to help identify and minimise the risks of (bio)technology and artificial intelligence.

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The characteristics

Effective altruism aims to do as much good as possible by using limited resources in the most effective way. In order to determine which problems in the world are tackled, three aspects are considered:

  1. Importance: What is the scale of the problem in the area? If all problems in the area could be solved, how much better would the world be?
  2. Neglectedness: How neglected is the area?
  3. Tractability: How solvable is this problem?

The selection criteria

Many charities meet one or more of the above characteristics but this does not mean that they are necessarily effective. The organisations that assess this aspect use four criteria.

Proven effectiveness

Has the organisation been proved effective based on scientific research?


Is this effectiveness delivered at the lowest possible cost?

Room for more funding

Can the organisation still make effective use of new donations?


Is the organisation open about its approach and results, including in the long term?


Doneer Effectief is an initiative of Effective Altruism  Netherlands. Effective altruism aims to do as much good as possible by using limited resources in the most effective way. 

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