There are a number of effective altruism organizations that are involved in or support the work carried out by charities. They do this by:

  • carrying out research into the most effective charities;
  • providing recommendations based on this research;
  • transferring donations to selected causes;
  • spreading the ideas of effective altruism (EA);
  • supporting EA initiatives as they develop.

This is important work. There cannot be well-founded recommendations without proper research and failure to reach a wider audience results in fewer donations. Donating to a supporting organization can therefore be very effective.

In the menu bar on the left are the most important organizations in the effective altruism network.

“Scientific research shows that some charities are up to 100 times more effective than others. So it is even more important to determine which cause you give to than how much you give.”

Paul Smeets
Professor of Philanthropy and Sustainable Finance
at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics

Effectief Doneren, de podcast