The Life You Can Save

The Life You Can Save was founded in 2010 by Australian philosopher Peter Singer. He is considered one of the most influential living philosophers. Effective altruism is based on his ideas. According to Peter Singer, living an ethically responsible life requires people to use some of their wealth or resources to save or improve the lives of those less fortunate.

The Life You Can Save is named after Peter Singer’s book of the same name. It is a movement of people who want to combat extreme poverty in all its forms by spreading knowledge and information about what people can do. For example, by highlighting the importance of donating to effective charities.

But also by making donating to these charities easy. The Life You Can Save has selected a number of very effective organizations from which a donor can choose, all relating to poverty and health, and including charities recommended by GiveWell.

It is also extremely effective to give to The Life You Can Save itself. They convert every dollar or euro they receive into 11.5 times as many dollars or euros for these charities.

The Life You Can Save 



The book The Life you Can Save (2009) was reprinted in 2019 in a new edition in honour of its 10th anniversary. It is free to download as an e-book or audiobook.

The audiobook is narrated by famous people such as Paul Simon, Stephen Fry, Kristen Bell and Peter Singer himself. The book has inspired many: do read it!

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