Doing as much good as possible. Every single quarter. That’s what we try to achieve with our funds. In doing so, we follow the advice of independent, scientific research institutions that search all around the globe for where your donated euro will have the most impact.

Goal of the fund

Saving animal lives in factory farming and improving their welfare by effectively influencing policy and legislation and accelerating the food transition.


Through this fund, we prioritize your donation based on the current situation. Every quarter we follow the advice of the experts of the Recommended Charity Fund of the evaluating body of Animal Charity Evaluators. This is how we pursue the greatest effectiveness. Therefore, the recommendations may differ from the top charities we list on our website. We are transparent about how much and to which charities is donated through the fund.

Donating through our fund is the most effective

The donations from the fund can adapt to changing circumstances. This is especially important for periodic donations over several years or for inheritances. As time passes there may be other charities that deserve preference based on our selection criteria. It is possible that a charity to whom you first made a donation may no longer be able to put further donations to effective use. In these cases, other charities will move to the top of the ranking. With the fund, you can be confident that you are always donating to the best and most effective charity within your preferred field of interest.

How it works

100% of all donations is passed directly to the charity. This applies both to direct donations and to donations via a Doneer Effectief fund. To keep transaction costs as low as possible, we also pass on donations via a fund directly to the charity. The charity-evaluating organisation is not an intermediary in the transaction. We do, however, report our action to the evaluators so that they can take into account what we have donated to top charities in their records.

You donate money to the Animal welfare & food transition fund.

Every quarter Animal Charity Evaluator experts tell us what the most effective organizations are at that moment

Doneer Effectief determines the allocation, after which 100% of the money goes to the chosen top charity.

Fund History

Here you will find an overview of all fund donations that have been collected in the past and what it has been spent on.

2023-Q3 Sinergia Animal € 53.798
Sinergia Animal focuses on improving animal welfare in the global south, where intensive livestock production is on the rise. They achieve this through business outreach, policy work and “vegan-challenges. Their programs are highly effective and cost-efficient. They place special emphasis on free-range egg campaigns and institutional meat reduction initiatives. Since 2018, they have already been recommended by Animal Charity Evaluators.
2023-Q2 Faunalytics € 29.597
Faunalytics helps increase animal welfare by giving animal activists and animal welfare organizations access to research, analysis, strategies and communications advice that maximizetheir effectiveness. They make their proprietary, independent research available for free, taking the guesswork out of how an organization can effectively influence policy and building a movement around animal welfare, with the most accurate and recent researchand data at their fingertips.
2023-Q1 The Humane League € 20.407
Donations from the fund help The Humane League influence the food industry and politicians, especially when it comes to keeping laying hens in cages.This proves particularly effective because chickens involve a large number of animals and legislative changes directly affect the entire industry.
2022-Q4 The Good Food Institute € 91.062

GFI supports start-ups, companies and scientists to accelerate the development and introduction of competitive alternative products. Plant-based meat, cultured meat and fermentation reduce the impact of our food system on the environment, reduce the risk of zoonoses and ultimately allow more people to be fed with fewer resources. This is how GFI modernizes meat production.

Jan Anne Amelink

Portfolio manager

As fund manager, I look quarterly, together with our independent, charity evaluators, at where the donations of that quarter can have the most impact. This way, we always make sure we aremaking the greatest possible impact in the areas of poverty & health, climate and animal welfare.

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