Effectief Altruïsme Nederland (EAN)

Effectief Altruïsme Nederland (EAN) is part of the global effective altruism movement. EAN provides an introduction to the core values of effective altruism – the why,  the what and the who.

“It is a challenge to figure out how we can improve the world. What problems do we need to pay more attention to? How do you know if an intervention works in practice? Effective Altruism takes on this challenge. We trust (scientific) evidence and consider critical arguments to find out how we can do better. And then we do it.”

You can do good with your time, career or money. EAN supports anyone interested in doing good effectively. They facilitate projects and encourage collaboration within our Dutch network. One of their focuses is EA community-building – they support and start new local groups in various cities and universities in the Netherlands. They also organise fellowships, retreats and workshops.

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