Carbon180 is committed to removing the 850 billion tonnes of carbon in our atmosphere1.

850 billion tonnes of carbon in the atmosphere


Carbon removal and storage


Crucial turning point in two decades of carbon emissions



There is no doubt that global CO2 emissions must be reduced drastically and without delay. However, this does not address the huge amount of carbon that has already been released into our atmosphere – a legacy left behind from two decades of human industrial activity.

Reducing emissions alone is not enough


Eliminate obsolete carbon emissions and create a liveable climate for current and future generations. 

Solutions lie within reach

Armed with an array of modern carbon removal methods – some already in practice, others under development – it is possible to remove yesterday’s emissions from the air. Carbon180 wants to store this captured carbon in soils, rocks, trees, oceans and products.

Bringing existing solutions to scale and more to market will take a collective effort.


Carbon180 has helped put carbon removal on the map in the US. Its involvement has led to billions in new investment and some major federal incentives for carbon removal. Although the industry is only a fraction of the way to where it needs to be, there is now momentum, increased policy, funding and visibility for carbon removal. Advocacy by Carbon180 is helping to turn the tide against atmospheric carbon buildup.

Our team is dedicated to scaling up carbon removal


Carbon180 designs and advocates for scientific, evidence-based and equitable policies that can bring about the necessary solutions for removing carbon from the atmosphere on a gigatonne scale. In order to achieve this, Carbon180 works with policymakers, entrepreneurs and fellow US organisations.

Founders Pledge recommends Carbon180 (link to recommendation) as one of the top three charities in the field of climate action2.

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