Future Cleantech Architects (FCA) work to make growing urban environments zero-emission. They propose solutions for generating and storing clean and efficient energy, circular industrial processes and sustainable land management.

The energy transition is under severe time pressure


Reduce, capture and store emissions


Better results through pioneering cleantech R&D



High-impact innovation in the energy transition is particularly challenging because it must happen under extreme time pressure. The climate system is on the verge of multiple tipping points after which there are irreversible and catastrophic consequences for most of the Earth’s ecosystems.
Emissions from electricity, transport, heat and industry account for almost three- quarters of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. In addition, finding solutions for seasonal solar and wind energy is neglected.

If emissions cannot be prevented, then capture and store them


Carbon-free energy systems are required to meet global climate targets.All industrial processes must be decarbonised. Where carbon-free emissions are not (yet) possible, innovative methods are needed to address the problem through CO2 capture and storage (CCS).

Carbon-free energy systems and innovative methods are needed


The Future Cleantech Architects (FCA) form a network of relevant actors from industry, politics and society. With their in-depth expertise in clean energy generation, the team has already been able to advise German and European politicians. In addition to this, they have successfully drawn attention to climate protection at the UN level, including at the UN climate conference in Glasgow (COP26) in 2021.

We exist to close the remaining innovation gaps to reach net-zero emissions by 2050

FCA is working on the following trajectories:

– Accelerating innovation: monitoring and assisting with promising innovations. It also scouts critical innovation where sustainable solutions are still in a very early stage.
– Prioritising Research and Development: working with high-level decision-makers to intensify R&D activities.
– Co-develop innovative technology: initiate and actively stimulate excellent research groups for cleantech in neglected industries

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Future Cleantech Architects, a non-profit organisation based in North Rhine-Westphalia and Berlin, works to develop highly innovative but previously neglected technologies to drastically reduce international greenhouse gas emissions.
Founders Pledge recommends FCA as one of the top three climate protection charities1.

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