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Climate change: unprecedented and irreversible

The effects of climate change can be felt all over the world. Extreme weather events such as floods, forest fires and long droughts are occurring more frequently with often disastrous consequences for people, animals and the environment. Some changes will be irreversible in both the short- and long-term. These include ocean warming, the melting of polar ice-caps and rising sea levels. The rate at which global warming is occurring is also unprecedented. As temperatures continue to rise heat waves will become more common along with extreme drought 1.

The challenge of accelerated warming

Research from Founders Pledge outlines three interconnected challenges: climate change, air pollution and energy scarcity 2.  In order to halt the accelerated warming of the planet, the global energy supply must be made CO2-neutral. Air pollution claims 7 million lives every year3. In addition, 940 million people do not have access to electricity and use fossil fuels with all the dangerous emissions that entails4.

New technologies required

In order to provide clean, safe and affordable energy for all, it is not enough to rely on natural resources like the sun and wind. New technologies are required to meet the energy demands. Carbon capture and CO2 storage, geothermal energy and advanced nuclear power are promising methods. Solutions also need to be found for large-scale energy transport.  We need effective methods for clean energy production that can be applied on a large-scale at relatively low cost, thus having a major impact.

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When selecting our recommended climate charities we follow the advice of Founders Pledge. In this recent report they describe the changing landscape of climate philanthropy which forms the basis for their research strategy5. You may find this information useful when selecting a charity to donate to!

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